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    Pictured above is the proposed exterior rendering of the new Early Childhood Center. To view additional renderings and plan details, please visit the ECC overview page.

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  • Projects Overview

    Early Childhood Center

    The referendum centers on building a new Early Childhood Center and moving all early childhood programming to this new building. This will increase instructional time and academic performance for our students while leading to operational savings due to consolidation and childcare savings for parents. It will also free up space at our elementary schools to pursue additional improvements.

    Full-Day Kindergarten

    The referendum will implement full-day kindergarten, which will increase academic and social emotional learning for our early learners and provide childcare savings for parents.

    Safety & Security Upgrades

    The referendum will make necessary safety and security upgrades at all schools, including secure entrances, alarms, and secure doors, as well as increasing parking and improving drop-off zones.

    Technology Upgrades

    The referendum will continue to upgrade our technology to broaden our student learning experience and enhance our curriculum through better access to technology.

    Science Labs & Music Rooms

    The referendum will equip science labs with specific instructional space that will support enhanced curriculum in science, technology, and math. It will also provide increased opportunities for children in band, choir, orchestra, and music.

    Classroom Renovations

    The referendum will modernize learning environments for students through renovated classrooms and improved furniture, optimizing spaces for learning, increasing social and emotional learning for students, and improving climate and working conditions for staff.

    ADA Accessibility

    The referendum will address ADA accessibility needs to bring our district further into compliance with the law and increase accessibility for those with special needs.

    Infrastructure & Life Safety

    The referendum will lead to safer and well-maintained schools through investments into capital projects including roofs, parking, pavement, doors, windows, bathrooms, flooring, HVAC, and energy efficient lighting, which leads to long-term operational savings.

    Student Support Spaces

    The referendum will provide student support spaces, leading to healthier students with stronger social and emotional skills, improved collaborative spaces, and designated space for special education.

    View the project timeline which shows completed work, current projects, and proposed completion dates.

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