Building Rentals

  • When not in use by the District or other unit of government pursuant to an intergovernmental agreement, school grounds and/or facilities may be used by other community organizations.

Reservation Procedures

  • During the school year, building reservations should be made no less than seven (7) days prior to the requested date of use. Cancellations less than 48 hours before the reserved date and time are subject to a $50 cancellation fee. Reservations for the following school year will be accepted beginning July 1st. A completed insurance form must accompany each request. The organizations and groups eligible to apply for use of District facilities and their priority of use are as follows:

    Category A

    • Parent Teacher Associations of District 45 schools and District 45 PTA Council
    • Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Campfire groups, and other recognized non-sports youth groups involving District 45 students whose primary purpose and activities promote the development of citizenship, knowledge and skills that reinforce the educational program, as determined by the Superintendent or designee.
    • Villa Park Education Association and District 45 Employees Association, IEA/NEA.

    Category B

    • Village of Villa Park, Village of Lombard, and Lombard Park District

    District 45 employee groups, employees, youth athletic groups, students and/or groups of parents.

    Category C

    • Churches, colleges, universities, non-public elementary and secondary schools having any portion of their boundaries within District 45.
    • Community groups within District 45 which are organized as non-profit organizations.
    • Groups of adults who reside within District 45 and are not covered under category C.2, above.
    • Any group or organization outside of District 45 boundaries.

    The full reservations procedures are outlined in the document below.

    Building Rental Reservation Procedures

    Buildings & Elementary School Fields

    To reserve a room in one of District 45's buildings or the field of an elementary school, please

    1. Complete the District 45 Rental Application below.
    2. Upon completion, please forward the application and current Certificate of Liability Insurance to: Rentals by mail to 255 W. Vermont Street, Villa Park, IL 60181, by email, or by fax to 630-530-1624.
  • Middle School Fields

    To reserve a field at Jefferson or Jackson Middle Schools, please complete the Villa Park Recreation Department's Application & Permit for Park/Ball Diamond Use below and return to the Iowa Community Center at 338 N. Iowa Avenue, Villa Park, IL 60181.

Rental Fees

  • The following fee schedule applies to all building rentals. Field rentals are not assessed an hourly rental fee. Acitivites requiring the use of custodial services on the weekends may be charged for the actual cost of custodial services in addition to the rental fee.