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District 45 Tactical Plan

  • The District 45 Strategic plan is kept current with a Tactical Plan of work. The District administration and staff work through tasks in the Tactical Plan to meet the goals of the Strategic Plan. To find out all the deeper work being done every day towards our Strategic Plan goals, take a look at the District 45 Tactical Plan.

District 45 Strategic Plan

  • The District 45 Strategic Plan transfers the power of choice and control to the learner. In the District 45 community, we are all learners.

    The District 45 Board invited students, parents, staff and community members into the process of creating the Strategic Plan. A new mission, vision and set of core values resulted from the collaborative work done by all stakeholders. With the implementation of the 2017-2022 Strategic Plan, District 45 is set for success with the vision to prepare students to navigate a dynamic word. 

    The following timeline chronicles the strategic planning process:

    2015-16 School Year

    • Focus Groups
    • Strategic Planning I—Mission/Vision/Core Values
    • Strategic Planning II—District goals
    • District 45 Board of Education adopted new Mission/Vision/Core Values
    • New logo created based on Mission/Vision

    2016-17 School Year

    • Tactical plan for staff developed

    2017-18 School Year

    • District internal committee structure re-aligned
    • District Leadership Team is formed
    • District Leadership Team (DLT) developed Strategic plan with a guiding philosophy. The goals in the Strategic Plan have strategies that are directly related to the Tactical Plan
    • District 45 Board of Education adopts Strategic Plan


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