The Buildings & Grounds Department is responsible for maintaining the high quality of District 45’s schools and grounds.

  • District 45's Buildings & Grounds Department ensures that high standards of workmanship, cleanliness, safety, and security are maintained in all eight school buildings in Villa Park and Lombard. 

    The District is also committed to establishing fiscally and environmentally responsible practices including

    • Classroom audits to find new ways to save energy.
    • Replacing metal halide light fixtures with LED fixtures in middle school gyms.
    • Installation of occupancy sensors to reduce energy costs by turning lights off when rooms are not in use.
    • Roof replacements to increase energy efficiency.
    • Particpate in EnerNOC Demand Response program which pays the District to switch to on-site generation when students are not present and there are large demands on the electrical grid.

Buildings & Grounds Staff