Registration and Student Fees

  • Fees will not be collected until August 23, 2021. An email reminder will be sent, as the date approaches, with fee information.

    Fees can be paid online at If you register after August 23, 2021, payments can be made online two business days after registration is complete. Checks and cash are also accepted. Please make checks payable to "School District 45."  Waivers for required fees are available by calling 630-516-7700 or during on-site registration.

Textbook Rental & Instructional Materials Fees

  • Textbooks are furnished for students through a textbook rental program, which covers the cost of textbooks, workbooks, current literature, and reference materials. The maximum textbook rental fee per family per year us $228.00. The maximum does not include instructional materials fee for middle school.

Student Fees

The following annual student fees are established by the Board of Education and are non-refundable.