• Below is a listing of the special education programs District 45 uses to meet its students' needs.


  • Students receive support and instruction from special education teachers and assistants in the general education setting or in a smaller group setting based on student needs.


  • Students receive the majority of their instruction in a special education setting and have a portion of their day in which they are with typically developing peers.


  • This program is for students on the Autism Spectrum and utilizes research-based methodologies, including Verbal Behavior, structured teaching and applied behavior analysis. Related services of Speech/Language, Occupational Therapy, Social Work and School Psychology are provided. Students have opportunities for interaction with typically-developing peers.

Emotional Disabilities

  • This program provides a supportive learning environment for students who face challenges in social emotional functioning. Social Work and School Psychology services are provided, as well as linkages to community resources. Students are integrated with typically-developing peers based on their individual strengths and needs.


  • This program provides intensive support and instruction with a focus on academics and functional life skills. Related services, including Social Work, Occupational and Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Services and School Psychology Services are provided based on individual student need. Integration with typically-developing peers is provided as well.

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