New Student Registration

  • Welcome to the District 45 community! We're so excited to welcome you and your child to our schools. 

    If you are unsure of what school your child(ren) will attend, check the district boundary map.

    Registration for new students begins March 1, 2021.

    The first step to take is to contact the school your child(ren) will attend. The school will provide all additional details and help schedule an appointment to register your child(ren).

    • Ardmore Elementary 630-516-7370 or
    • North Elementary 630-516-7790 or
    • Schafer Elementary 630-516-6500 or
    • Stevenson Elementary 630-516-7780 or
    • Westmore Elementary 630-516-7500 or
    • Jackson Middle School 630-516-7600 or
    • Jefferson Middle School 630-516-7800 or

    To register your child for kindergarten, you will need the following items:

      • Original birth certificate for your child
      • Proof of residency

    The proof of residency has three categories, and you must bring one document from each of the categories: 

      • Category 1 requires either a Driver's License or State Photo ID (with current address)
      • Category 2 requires either Real Estate Tax Bill or Mortgage Statement, if you own your home or a Signed Current Lease, if you rent
      • Category 3 requires either a utility bill, an automobile registration or a public aid card (with current address)