Returning Student Registration

  • Each Spring, parents/guardians receive an email from District 45 that gives you your secure login code to PowerSchool Registration (formerly Infosnap). Using that code, you will review the information that has been stored from the previous enrollment. At this time, you have the opportunity to make additions or changes as needed. This must be completed by the end of the online registration window. The window for online registration typically runs each spring from the second week in April through the first week of May. It is important to complete registration in a timely manner as this allows us to properly prepare for the start of the school year.


    All parents who have students entering 3rd grade and 6th grade are required to demonstrate proof of residency.

    The District is contracting with a third-party vendor to verify student address information automatically. The vendor will use a parent's name and address to crosscheck the information against other electronic databases such as utility companies. We anticipate the overwhelming majority of our families will be verified electronically. If your residency is electronically verified, you will receive a letter of confirmation and there will be no need to submit any additional paperwork to certify that you live within the District's boundaries.

    A letter will also be sent to families whose residency we are unable to verify electronically. The letter will include details on additional information you will need to provide in order to register your child for the upcoming school year.

    Verifying residency is done to protect taxpayers and District resources by identifying non-residents attending District 45 schools. Illinois law mandates that parents demonstrate residency prior to enrollment in school, and allows periodic verification to validate compliance with the law. This new process will meet the requirements of the law while being more convenient for our parents.


    All registration forms can be found in the folders below.

    To assist with record keeping, always write your student’s name on the check.


    Should you have questions regarding this registration process please do not hesitate to contact your child's school office.