Welcome to Schafer School

  • Schafer School is a cutting edge 21st Century learning community that is dedicated to excellence in education.  Staff and students alike are well equipped to meet the unique demands and challenges facing the next generation.  Through the innovative planning and skillful guidance of highly trained staff, students are actively engaged in a comprehensive and multi-faceted program of study.  Our classrooms showcase dynamic technology initiatives that empower students.

     Schafer School continues to embed in its culture a standard of excellence that is based upon the tenets of thoughtful analysis, data-based decision making, professional judgment, best practice theory, high academic and behavioral expectations, celebration of our diversity, and family and community involvement.  It is our commitment to these basic tenets that guides our work each and every day allowing us to meet the unique needs of each child in a flexible, supportive environment that will ensure increased student achievement and success for all our children.