North LRC

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    LRC Specialist:  Mrs. Sandi Henderson

    The Learning Resource Center provides resources for students and teachers, supports the curriculum and Illinois State Learning Standards, encourages reading and library use, and offers a positive environment for learning. LRC materials include books, magazines, reference materials, video tapes, digital cameras, VHS and digital video cameras, scanners, printers and computers and computer software.

    OUR GOAL is to

    • provide materials to promote the love of reading.
    • support the curriculum and Illinois State Learning Standards.
    • provide resources for students and teachers in order to 
      • complete assignments,
      • explore ideas, and
      • find a wide variety of recreational reading on many levels and topics.
    • have our students become 
      • lovers of reading,
      • independent library users,
      • informed users of information, and
      • life-long learners.
    • work closely with the classroom teachers to accommodate the needs of the students in a positive environment.


    Each week every student has an opportunity to check out new library books if the previous week's books have been returned to the LRC. Our library houses more than 10,000 books so we have something for everyone! We continue to get new books throughout the year to keep our collection current. 


    In Search of - Volunteers!

    • We are looking for parents, grandparents and community members who would like to volunteer in the LRC for 30 minutes or more each week.
    • Volunteers help check out books and assist students in the computer labs.
    • No experience or special skills required!
    • Thank you, Volunteers! You help the LRC run smoothly and efficiently.

    If you can help, call Mrs. Sierra 516-7704 or Mrs. Henderson at 516-7562, or email;