Westmore LRC

  • LRC Specialist: Ms. Dawn Peterson

    OUR GOAL is to

    • provide materials to promote the love of reading.
    • support the curriculum and Illinois State Learning Standards.
    • provide resources for students and teachers in order to:
      • complete assignments
      • explore ideas
      • find a wide variety of recreational reading on many levels and topics
    • become independent library users, informed users of information, and life-long learners.
    • work closely with the classroom teachers to accommodate the needs of the students in a positive environment.



    Westmore School's Learning Resource Center (LRC) includes the school library and computer lab. LRC materials include books, reference materials, audiovisual materials and equipment and computers and computer software. Each week the students have an opportunity to check out a new book if the previous week's book has been returned to the LRC. The LRC continues to grow and expand. We are continually adding new books to the LRC. Check them out!



    The Computer Lab has 30 computers. All students have regularly scheduled times to work in the computer lab. Each classroom is scheduled into the lab a minimum of once a week.

    Computer programs are aligned with the curriculum and meet the needs, abilities, and interests of students at each grade level. This allows students to learn technological skills and reinforces concepts being taught in the classrooms. Students use teacher-approved Internet sites to research subjects.

    Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade students work on a variety of programs, including Tux Paint, Kidspiration, and FASTTMath

    Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade students work on a variety of programs including Inspiration, Timeliner, FASTTMath, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Typing Club.

    At each grade level, students are taught the basic technology skills that should be mastered at that grade. These technology competencies have been established by the District 45 Technology Committee. In District 45, technology is used as a tool to enrich the teaching and learning in all curricular areas.