Welcome to the Ardmore School Art Studio!

  • I am excited about art this year-there are many great projects planned. I have so many goals as your child's art teacher, beginning when the students walk in the room! 

          Create a supportive and cooperative atmoshere

          Respect diverse talents and ways of learning

          Have students learn from each other, in addition to the teacher

          Relate instruction to student interests

          Set high, realistic goals and support students in their art work

    We will continue to explore the use of various art media and experience different techniques. The students will be exposed to creating art using markers, colored pencils, oil pastels, and paint. Students may create a resist using a combination of crayons or oil pastels and watercolors or tempra paints. The students are given a choice as to which medium they would like to use, whether it be markers, colored pencils, oil pastels, or paint.

    The students will also learn about the principles of art, about the artists and their cultures, and create "Masterpieces." Students not only use what they learn about these principles and elements, but also are able to add details to their own masterpiece. Each work of art is always unique and beautiful! 

    As my students are learning and enjoying art as well as expanding their thinking creatively, my goal is for my students to recognize the beauty in what they create and know that being different from one another is the hallmark of art- and the fact that it is unique makes it special!