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  • What are we learning this year?

    The topics of our chapters this year will be presented in the following order:

    Chapter 3:  Integers

    Chapter 4:  Rational Numbers

    Chapter 5:  Expressions

    Chapter 6:  Equations and Inequalities

    Chapter 1:  Ratios and Proportional Reasoning

    Chapter 2:  Percents

    Chapter 7:  Geometric Figures

    Chapter 8:  Measure Figures

    Chapter 9:  Probability

    Chapter 10: Statistics


    How are we learning it?

    Most days in our double block math schedule we like to use the first block to learn new information and take notes, and the second block to practice with groups, games, activities, or stations.



    FREE Math Facts Apps for Tablets or Smartphones:

    Math Workout

    Flash to Pass

    3D Math Racing

    Math Cards

    Math Adventure with Fast Facts

    How are students' grades determined?

    15% Warm Ups

         *We do some sort of warm up almost daily, but they are not always graded.

           This category also includes any collected class work.

    10% Homework

        * Homework is an effort grade most of the time.

          If it is done with correct work shown, then it's a 5/5.

          If it is mostly done, then it is a 4/5.

          If it is partly done, then it is a 3/5.

          If it is missing or there is no work shown, then it is a 0/5.

         ALL LATE WORK IS 50% OFF!

    25% Quizzes

         *Quizzes cannot always be corrected, so students need to be sure to study.

    50% Tests

         *All tests can be retaken AFTER the student conferences with the teacher.

          Tests must be taken BEFORE the next chapter test is given.

          D and F test grades must be signed by a parent or the parent will be contacted by phone or email.


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