Majer Monkeys


    We finished our poetry unit.  We spent the remainder of our week focusing on informational text. Teams worked together to create a descriptive text structure paragraph focusing on main idea and supporting details. Our topics included communities and weather. The review standards we covered were word meaning, main idea and detail as well as text features. We are working on writing and recording a video commercial to persuade the future 3rd graders to read one of our favorite books next year in 3rd grade. Next week we will focus on Readers’ Theatre. The students are so excited to practice and perform their Readers’ Theatre script.

    We have completed our unit on division. Students will use target goals and ownership for learning to determine workshop stations of focus. I will work with students on various standards that need review. Some of those standards include fractions, time, measurement, and multi-step problem solving.  

    We are learning about weather. Scientists use many tools to measure and predict the weather. Next week we will complete a Mystery Science activity on how we know a storm is coming. We will also research to look at maps and learn how to read the radar.

    Our end of the year picnic is scheduled for Thursday, May 24th, from 11:15 am -1:45 pm at the Gazebo on the Prairie Path. Please feel free to join us that day.  We could always use the extra hands or just come to watch all the fun activities.

    Just as a reminder, please make sure to register your child for the upcoming 2018-2019 school year.

    Reading Monkeys: Genevieve, Leo and Eden

    We did main idea and details using Time For Kids articles with a partner. We wrote a main idea and details paragraph summarizing the articles. We also did poetry stage. We are making a persuasive commercial about our favorite book in 3rd grade to give to 2nd graders.

    Math Monkeys: Izzy, Gianna and Kyle M.

    In math, we had our chapter test on division and completed our third grade standards. Now we go straight to stations to work on areas we still need to master. Mrs. Majer is working with us to review highlighted questions to check for mastery. We have been working on standards that we need to master. In order of operations, we learned the vocabulary called PEMDAS and what each letter stands for.

    Science Monkeys: Danny, Claire and Nathan

    In science we did a jigsaw activity were we had 5 reading pages. Each group focused on one page. Each group presented the main idea and supporting details of the page they focused on. After we finished the presentations we read to self all the parts of the lesson. One part of the lesson was about the atmosphere. It acts like a blanket of air around the earth.

    Second Step Monkeys: Abby, Mia and Alex

    In second step we took an assessment to show what we have learned. The test was based on the year of second step and a what we learned.  We had to answer questions on how somebody was feeling and how to be assertive. Mrs. Majer read an example and we had to answer questions on a chromebook based on the picture. The people in the picture felt sad, left out, angry, happy,or fustrated. On the test some questions had 1, 2 and 3 answers. The people in it were the same people from all of the second step lessons. The test had 10 questions.

  • Tuesday: LRC 1:35-2:30  Music/Gym 10:15-11:10

    Wednesday: Art 10:15-11:10

    Thursday: Gym/Music 10:15-11:10

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