Loving Learning & Working with Friends

  • The Schafer educational community is supported by school social workers, Rebecca Glade and Paul Flaherty, LCSW.  Los trabajadores sociales hablan espanol.

    Ms. Glade is available to support teachers, students and their families Monday through Friday.  Contact Ms. Glade at rglade@d45.org or at 630-516-7336

    Mr. Flaherty is available on Thursdays and Fridays.  Contact Mr. Flaherty at pflaherty@d45.org or at 630-516-7541.


    School social work services include:

    • Crisis intervention
    • Conflict resolution
    • Reflect on situations and problem-solve future situations
    • Help develop or practice appropriate social interaction skills
    • Support students' skills in emotional regulation
    • Short-term counseling for students whose social emotional learning needs are affecting them at school
    • Provide resources and referrals for counseling, child care, food or clothing
    • Help facilitate transitions and adjustments to school
    • Consult with teachers and parents about student needs
    • Participate in IEP and RtI process to help develop plans for students
    • Facilitate communication between school-based teams and other providers outside of school
    • Facilitate relationships with outside community partners to provide food and clothing(winter coats) to eligible families
    • Observe student and classroom behaviors
    • Consult with teachers and parents about student behavior, assessing the function of behavior and developing intervention plans
    • Conduct risk assessments when students threaten to harm themselves or others