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    September News

        Welcome back! It has been great to see all of our returning families and meet the new students that are attending Ardmore this year.This site is updated each month with news about English language learning (ELL) at Ardmore. It includes helpful tips for learning and events that are planned for bilingual families. If you have any questions, please don't hestitate to reach out to our English language learning team!


    Are You New to Ardmore?

    We are proud of our students! There are many people in our school community that are multilingual. Ardmore has a Multiethnic Committee that works to plan and provide opportunities for our school community to celebrate the ethnic heritage of all students. Below is a link to an article that describes some of our school's present and past activities. At Ardmore we celebrate being bilingual!



    English Language Learning (ELL) Program

    Academic support is provided for qualifying students who are building English proficiency from kindergarten through fifth grade. Once it is determined that a child qualifies to receive bilingual/ELL services, our staff determines the level of support needed and works to provide appropriate programing.  The state of Illinois requires that all bilingual/ELL students are tested yearly with the ACCESS test in order to gage progress in English language proficiency. This enables students and their families to see academic growth and provides our staff with information to help to continue to provide appropriate programming for students. 

    The main goal of our English language learning team is to help our students in their acquisition of English in all four domains (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) while encouraging support for their native language as well at home and in school. This is done using a variety of strategies, materials, and technology in order to help tailor each student's learning to his/her needs. In this way, Ardmore staff works to provide a child centered ELL program in which everyone collaborates to help support each student.

    Please contact Mrs. Bohlin, the ELL resource teacher, if you have questions.

    ACCESS 2.0 

    English language learning students participate in the ACCESS 2.0 test every year while they are in the program. Illinois is part of the WIDA consortium which creates and scores the test. Please contact Mrs. Bohlin for more information about this test. Click for ACCESS 2.0 samples


    Ardmore Parents as Partners

    Ardmore Parents as Partners progam is a series of events where the parents of the students who are in the ELL program meet with the ELL staff to discuss information, ways to support student learning, and activities such as Ardmore's Multiethnic Fair. Topics of interest can include information regarding ACCESS 2.0, ways that you can help support your child academically at home, and/or participation in multiethnic celebrations. Do you have any topics of interest? Please contact Mrs. Bohlin.


    Reading at Home

    The first link below will take you to some reading tips for parents. The second link will take you to a chart that you can use with early readers to help them keep track of what they read at home. Both resources are from the ReadWriteThink website. Please let us know how we can help support you with reading at home.




    Do You Need Assistence?

    For more information regarding the ELL program at Ardmore School, please contact Mrs. Bohlin, the Ardmore ELL resource teacher. 


    Contact Information for Mrs. Bohlin

    Phone (630) 516-7370

    Extension: 31220


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