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Long Range Planning Update

During a regular meeting on Monday, May 6, the District 45 Board of Education voted to explore the recommendations from the District 45 Long Range Planning Committee on Kindergarten, Future Classrooms, and an Early Childhood Center through the Master Planning process.

The Board gave direction to the District for Kindergarten. Based on that direction, the Administration and staff will look into options for both full day and/or half day Kindergarten while keeping the guiding principle that the program is play-based. The Long Range Planning Committee presented the possibilities for the future of District 45 for Kindergarten, Early Childhood Education, and Future Classrooms on Monday, April 1. This presentation included their recommendations. The Long Range Planning Committee presentation is available here.

In the coming months, the Administration and staff will continue to develop the Master Plan. When it is completed, the Master Plan will be brought before the Board for approval. During this process, there will be many opportunities for input from our parents, staff, and community.